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‘We know about two-way radios...  it's all that we do..’

Looking for a reliable and cost effective communications system?  Consider handheld portable or vehicle mounted mobile radios.  From a pair of licence exempt portables to a complete system - lightweight units or something capable of taking a few knocks - we are sure to be able to meet your needs and your budget. 

Give us a call to discuss your needs - it's our preferred way to do business, and we look forward to your call.  We prefer to find out what our customer needs are and to offer the most suitable and cost effective solution.  Whilst it's not rocket science, mistakes can be costly but easily avoided, so you won’t find an online store.

We supply leading makes of professional radio equipment and accessories, and specialise in  Motorola, Hytera and Icom equipment.  Our range of accessories includes batteries, earpieces and headsets, microphones, brackets, power leads and aerials, and we carry a range of quality mix and match aftermarket earpiece accessories.

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‘It's reassuring to know you can rely on a locally based firm to support you……’

Offering you a choice of professional equipment and accessories, we also give our customers an unrivalled support service.  All repairs are carried out in-house in our fully equipped workshop by our factory trained founder engineer, and we hold a large range of spare parts for leading equipment.

CAMCOM RADIO Two-way Radio Hire

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‘Take the worry out of managing your radio equipment and leave it to us…..’

Need hand portable radio equipment at competitive rates?  Be it for a weekend, or a longer term contract it’s no problem.

Ever thought you could have better communications at that outdoor event or ball you are organising?  Hiring radio equipment can be a low cost option and will certainly help things run smoothly and keep you in control.

Want the benefits of radio communications day-in day-out, but don't want the financial outlay or repair worries?  We can arrange term contract hire, whether it is hand portable radios for your depot or security operatives, or vehicle installed mobile radios for your fleet of delivery vehicles or taxis.

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